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Welcome to Sourcerers Opera Ltd.
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Our Vision

Selling physical commodities by negotiating and arranging OTC commodity contracts in the areas of oil, gas, agro, metals and minerals. Responsibilities: Creating and growing a network of genuine buyer and seller contacts; Monitoring current buyer requirements and available supply sources; Keeping up-to-date with developments in various commodity product areas; Initiating contact between buyers and sellers, establishing mutual trust; Negotiation on price, procedures, payment instrument, logistics and other contract terms; Contract conclusion; Banking; Resolving problems and issues; Energy investment projects (oil exploration, mining, funding)


Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance the worldwide resource, funds, assets and knowledge management of enterprises and economies. And we strive to add our small contribution letting globalization enfold in the most positive way to strengthen the wealth of nations, companies and people likewise.

Business B

We are focused in follwoing business areas

  • International Petrochemical Trade
  • Financial Trade Advisory
  • Petro-Management Project
  • Russian & Saudi Petro Products
  • Oversea Mining Products
  • Strategical Government Advisory